Etsy shop approaching!

I’m getting very excited over in Cumulus Factory HQ – 3 cloud cushion designs are ready to roll out the door, and a few more are in the pipeline.

I’ve been turning my living room into a photo studio (with the help of the delightful and knowledgeable Rob) and I’ve got the listing descriptions ready (with the help of my wordiest friend Emily).

I’ve also been working on a few not-for-sale projects… A xmas present (a reversible bag, and that’s all I’ll say on that!) which turned out really well. Exceeded expectations! In the next couple of weeks I’ll also be sewing covers for a couch Rob and I are making. Busy busy busy on the sewing machine!

Back to Cumulus Factory business – I’m working on a couple of other products beyond cushions… Laser cutters are involved.

Until next time! Hopefully it’ll be the shop launch then. Many cloudy hugs.

Adina ☁

The Cumulus Factory manager, designer, slave, marketing department, product tester, accountant, and cleaner.

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