Top 5 Cloudy Food Ideas

Cloud marshmallows – the most obvious thing! Yet it took me scouring The InterHole to discover such a life-changing concept. Click the pic to see the other edible cloud delights that made my eyes and mouth water.


1) Cloud Marshmallows – It’s hard to track down the source of this photo. The earliest link I could find is this one, but they sent me to a broken link to Herriott Grace (who have absolutely excellent looking wooden goods made by a man with a supremely grey beard)


2) Cloud iced cookies from Amy Atlas – I love the detail of the ‘stitching’.


3) Cloud macarons from Daisy Gourmandises. Again, such a simple a beautiful idea. I would LOVE to chomp on some of these. Can you just hear the gentle sugary crunch? CRUNCH, yum.


4) Gum paste Toy Story Cloud cake decorations from Etsy seller Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe. Would go beautifully on a sky blue cake. Mmmm food colouring. I’m nearly 27 and seriously considering this for my birthday cake.


5) Cloud cake pops from Bubble and Sweet. How happy does the cloud look? So happy to fulfil the wildest dreams of the sweetest teeth.


Have you seen any other cute and delicious clouds? Let me know!

☁ Adina

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