Learning about Etsy

Dear internets,
I’m pretty new to this Etsy thing. I’ve got things to sell and I know they’re excellent, but I just think I need more exposure. I’m mostly writing this post to track what I’m up to and hopefully someone can learn from this one day (most likely candidate: Me!) Here’s how I’m getting my things ‘out there’ at the moment:

☁ I am pretty active on Instagram – nearly 450 followers now!

☁ Facebook page has a little under 100 followers, most are people I already know. They’re my best customers til now!

☁ Adding listings almost daily to my Etsy shop

Recently added to the Etsy shop

Recently added to the Etsy shop

I just wasn’t conviced this was enough, so I’m trying out paid Etsy Search Ads. Maximum of $7 per week – I’ll trial it for a couple of weeks and see what happens there.

I’ve also been making fancy spreadsheets to track all my spendings and profits – I’m yet to break even but I’m working towards that fast!

I wonder if I’m missing something! I’ll just keep chugging away sewing cushions and seeing if anyone wants to hug and hold those things 😀

☁ Adina

4 thoughts on “Learning about Etsy

  1. Fairina

    You are such a clever girl! Would love to pick your brain on Instagram and keep updated on how you’re going with your search ads. How are the markets going? Also, liking the custom order form on Etsy!

    1. thecumulusfactory Post author

      Happy to chat instagram! I think I get it! I love how visual it is, really works for the stuff you and I are doing 🙂

      Not doing markets on an ongoing basis as my weekends are pretty sacred… I may give them another go soon. I’d love to visit the Finders Keepers markets in May to check them out, care to join?

      1. Fairina

        Yeah I think it would work but I’ve been hesitant! I think I type better on the keyboard than I do on the phone. Wish you could get Instagram on the computer! Will definitely be checking out the Finders Keepers markets, so yes!

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