Make something for yourself!


Anyone who makes things for other people (whether paid or unpaid) will understand how your own projects very often get placed at the bottom of the bottomless to do list. That sacred, untouchable part of the list that just gets added to the next list ad infinitum. So this weekend I decided to challenge myself to make my OWN cushions for MY couch. Revolutionary!

Result – I did it! So glad that I took the time to do this for me. It’s all part of finding that perfect balance.

Now… Back to making cushions for other folks!

Yours, cloudishly

3 thoughts on “Make something for yourself

  1. a little bird made me

    You are so right! The list of things to make for people outside my family (paid orders) is long, then the list of things I want to make for my family follows, but the list of things just for me is right at the very bottom. What an excellent challenge. Maybe I need to dedicate one weekend a month to making things for me (and the family!)


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