Curious about The Cumulus Factory?
We all love clouds – they’re fluffy, friendly and cuddly. Sometimes they bring rain, which makes plants and umbrellas happy. Other times they hang out in the sky being picturesque.
The Cumulus Factory is my creative explosion onto the internet. I’m Adina, and I’m a speech therapist by day, and a creative creature by night.
My mission is to make and sell aesthetically beautiful, durable products. Each line of items I sell is product tested by my excitingly honest and sweetly demanding family and friends.
I hope that you find visual delights in my page, and please contact me if you have any wild dreams that involve needles and fabric/needles and wool. I’d love to make your cloudy ideas a reality! (i.e. custom orders are a go!)
You can follow my blog, instagram feed, or twitter for updates on the goodies that are to come!

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