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Make something for yourself!


Anyone who makes things for other people (whether paid or unpaid) will understand how your own projects very often get placed at the bottom of the bottomless to do list. That sacred, untouchable part of the list that just gets added to the next list ad infinitum. So this weekend I decided to challenge myself to make my OWN cushions for MY couch. Revolutionary!

Result – I did it! So glad that I took the time to do this for me. It’s all part of finding that perfect balance.

Now… Back to making cushions for other folks!

Yours, cloudishly

50 days before departure! Here are my plans…

In 50 days I’m going on a massive South American adventure! ACE! I have so much to do before then but it’s all worth it to have an excellent break!

Photo from

I’m always guilty of having a few too many ideas for what is practical/financially viable. I’ve had to divide my Cumulus Factory Plan into PRE-travel and POST-travel. Here is what I’m thinking at the moment…


  • Take custom cushion orders until May 16th (1 month before leaving)
  • Fill all these orders as quickly as possible
  • Possibly 1 more Spoonflower order
  • BREAK EVEN! I’m coming pretty close to this target!
  • Find better ways to organise and store my materials
  • Visit Finders Keepers markets in May
  • List all made items on Etsy (and hopefully sell a bunch!) – on that note, this week all pre-made items are 20% off in my Etsy store – use the code: SALEFORNOREASON

During travel:

  • Find inspiration, ideas, creativity and hopefully FABRIC while I’m travelling
  • Keep blogging/snapping photos of inspirational craft-related things
  • Find someone who can ship out any Etsy orders while I’m away (or pause the shop)


  • Look into selling through Hard to Find
  • Approach local shops about stocking my wares
  • Apply for Finders Keepers Market in December
  • Consider holding other market stalls
  • Learn about screen printing…
  • Learn about laser cutting…


sale for no reason


Three exciting things to note.

1) ETSY SALE! 20% off all ready-made cushions, tote bags and stickers in my Etsy shop. Use the code: SALEFORNOREASON – Valid until Sunday 28th April.

2) I hit 500 instagram followers!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

3) I’ll be taking custom cushion and bag orders until May 16th – 1 month later I’ll be heading off on a giant long-awaited trip to South America! If you’ve been thinking about ordering a custom cushion, have a look at my Etsy shop or instrgram account for some inspiration! You can use the custom order form.

These facts may or may not be connected.

Very exciting times over here in The Cumulus Factory 😀


☁ A



Freebie Wednesday! Hummingbird pattern backgrounds

I recently whipped up a hummingbird pattern based on this very old drawing by Gould. It’s his drawing of the Hummingbirds ‘Amazilia yucatanensis’, a.k.a. the Buff-bellied Hummingbird.

Amazilia Yucatanensis - Gould

Amazilia Yucatanensis – Gould

I’m having it turned into fabric with Spoonflower (exciting!) and while I’m eagerly awaiting the fabric arrival, I thought I should do something a little productive… Desktop/ iPad / iPhone backgrounds!

I love hummingbirds, and all birds really. It just so happened that this mirrored/repeated pattern came up SPLENDID-LIKE! I can’t go keeping a thing like that to myself – Below I’ve included the various sizes of patterns – feel free to share/download/use/enjoy!

Hummingbird pattern tile - 884 x 1458

Hummingbird pattern tile – 884 x 1458

iPhone 4 Background - 640 x 960

iPhone 4 Background – 640 x 960

iPhone 5 Background - 640 x 1136

iPhone 5 Background – 640 x 1136

iPad Background - 768 x 1024

iPad Background – 768 x 1024

iPad Retina Background - 2048 x 1536

iPad Retina Background – 2048 x 1536

Desktop Background - 2650 x 1920

Desktop Background – 2650 x 1920

If you want any other sizes, let me know!

☁ Adina

World maps heading to Spoonflower HQ!

This morning I whipped up a print of the world map in 3 colours. I’ve always been inspired and excited by maps, and it wasn’t until this morning that I worked out a way to get maps into my cushions. I can’t wait to see how the fabric turns out!

world maps x3 small

Which colour do you prefer?