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To market!


As you can see, my goals stated in the previous post are going pretty swell! I’ll hold my first Cumulus Factory market stall at the Bondi Markets on Sunday, 24th March. I’m pretty excited to see what happens!

Last time I held a market stall, it was 1994-ish. My best friend Kira and I sold quilled cards (excellent quilling example here … N.B. ours wasn’t quite this awesome). We made a profit around $8 each to my memory. That was because Kira’s mum footed the bill for the stall. Thanks Kim!

If you have ANY tips whatsover for holding markets, please let me know!

Adina ☁

Official Etsy Shop Launch!

Today I listed the first 4 patterns of my cloud cushions on Etsy! Such an exciting day that I’ve been planning for a while. Have a look at the shop here!


I have already sold 2 of the cushions and have interest in a third – this is such an exciting start to the Etsy adventure!

Hope you have a very happy Christmas if you celebrate. Otherwise have a merry Tuesday!

The Cumulus Factory Elf