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50 days before departure! Here are my plans…

In 50 days I’m going on a massive South American adventure! ACE! I have so much to do before then but it’s all worth it to have an excellent break!

Photo from floridascarf.com

I’m always guilty of having a few too many ideas for what is practical/financially viable. I’ve had to divide my Cumulus Factory Plan into PRE-travel and POST-travel. Here is what I’m thinking at the moment…


  • Take custom cushion orders until May 16th (1 month before leaving)
  • Fill all these orders as quickly as possible
  • Possibly 1 more Spoonflower order
  • BREAK EVEN! I’m coming pretty close to this target!
  • Find better ways to organise and store my materials
  • Visit Finders Keepers markets in May
  • List all made items on Etsy (and hopefully sell a bunch!) – on that note, this week all pre-made items are 20% off in my Etsy store – use the code: SALEFORNOREASON

During travel:

  • Find inspiration, ideas, creativity and hopefully FABRIC while I’m travelling
  • Keep blogging/snapping photos of inspirational craft-related things
  • Find someone who can ship out any Etsy orders while I’m away (or pause the shop)


  • Look into selling through Hard to Find
  • Approach local shops about stocking my wares
  • Apply for Finders Keepers Market in December
  • Consider holding other market stalls
  • Learn about screen printing…
  • Learn about laser cutting…

World maps heading to Spoonflower HQ!

This morning I whipped up a print of the world map in 3 colours. I’ve always been inspired and excited by maps, and it wasn’t until this morning that I worked out a way to get maps into my cushions. I can’t wait to see how the fabric turns out!

world maps x3 small

Which colour do you prefer?

Spoonflower order v2.0

I ordered 3 yards of fabric from Spoonflower a few weeks ago. One of those yards (the Pineapples) is almost gone! So I decided it was time to place a 2nd order. It COULD have got out of hand but I was fairly restrained…


I re-ordered the pineapplesSwallows Pattern based on Gould's drawings Bird pattern tiles
Swallows pattern I whipped up

Vintage photos 3 small

These 3 excellent vintage photos will become cushion panels

Coloured pineapples small

And finally… I’ve ordered 3 colours of pineapples on white background. So many pineapples!!!

That’s what’s going on in the Cumulus Factory! I can’t wait to get the fabric order 😀

Do you have a favourite?