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Freebie Wednesday! Hummingbird pattern backgrounds

I recently whipped up a hummingbird pattern based on this very old drawing by Gould. It’s his drawing of the Hummingbirds ‘Amazilia yucatanensis’, a.k.a. the Buff-bellied Hummingbird.

Amazilia Yucatanensis - Gould

Amazilia Yucatanensis – Gould

I’m having it turned into fabric with Spoonflower (exciting!) and while I’m eagerly awaiting the fabric arrival, I thought I should do something a little productive… Desktop/ iPad / iPhone backgrounds!

I love hummingbirds, and all birds really. It just so happened that this mirrored/repeated pattern came up SPLENDID-LIKE! I can’t go keeping a thing like that to myself – Below I’ve included the various sizes of patterns – feel free to share/download/use/enjoy!

Hummingbird pattern tile - 884 x 1458

Hummingbird pattern tile – 884 x 1458

iPhone 4 Background - 640 x 960

iPhone 4 Background – 640 x 960

iPhone 5 Background - 640 x 1136

iPhone 5 Background – 640 x 1136

iPad Background - 768 x 1024

iPad Background – 768 x 1024

iPad Retina Background - 2048 x 1536

iPad Retina Background – 2048 x 1536

Desktop Background - 2650 x 1920

Desktop Background – 2650 x 1920

If you want any other sizes, let me know!

☁ Adina

More pineapples, a new toy and a starry bag!

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front but I’ve been VERY busy making things!


I was gifted an amazing Janome Overlocker for my birthday…



Which helped me whip up my first of many canvas tote bags…



Here’s a close up of the starry galaxy cloud image…



I’ve also been sewing loads of clouds! including these 3 new designs…



AND FINALLY but equally exciting, I’m going to make my first self-printed cushion this week using The Pineapples…Image


I’ve also been very busy tending to my instagram account – please follow me if you use the i-gram! http://instagram.com/thecumulusfactory



Happy cloudiness friends!!! 

Adina ☁

Patterns, pineapples and a couch

It’s been a little while. Hi there! I’ve been keeping very busy doing a few too many different projects as usual. Here’s the summary!

☁ 5 Cloud cushions have now sold. 3 reside in Sydney, 1 is in the UK and 1 is on its way to Norway. International take-over has begun!


 This one lives in Cambridge, UK (where playing tennis in the streets is outlawed, according to A Reliable Source on The Internet)


 The twin of the Cambridge Cloud Cushion lives in Sydney


 This Vintage Cloud Cushion belongs to Lala, and also hangs out in Sydney. Its twin is heading to Norway as we speak.

☁ I’ve started sewing 1 of 5 covers for the foam cushions that will make up our Pallet Couch. This has been ongoing for 6 months, and finally the end is in sight! Turning 12.5 metres of fabric into cushion covers is a LOT more time intensive than I’d imagined. I’ll be posting a how-to tutorial when I’ve completed the first cover.


☁ I’ve been playing a lot with Gel Medium transfer – A technique that is way too easy and way too effective, and has me scratching my head as to WHY I didn’t know about it earlier! There are a few tutorials out there, and it seems there are a few ways to transfer images. Essentially – Anything printed/copied on a laser printer can be transferred to fabric using only gel medium, time, and patience. Too awesome.

☁ On the note of gel medium transfers – I’m in the middle of making a canvas bag for myself which will be the prototype for Cumulus Factory canvas bags. Again, photos to come! Possibly a tutorial as well!

☁ I’ve been playing with COLOURlovers and am completely in love. I’ve got loads of ideas and plans for these patterns… How cool are the pineapples!?!?Image

Croc & Pineapple patterns thanks to http://www.colourlovers.com/lover/Simultaneouscontrast. Bird pattern thanks to http://www.colourlovers.com/lover/anonymuse

If you’re on COLOURlovers, let me know! I’m ‘adinabean’. I’d love to have more people to follow and share inspiration with!

Thats all for now! Stay cloudy, but not too cloudy

☁ Adina